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We work hard to source investment products that seek to deliver long term returns for our clients.

Keeping a close eye on the product offerings of competing insurers and their track records, we offer a range of investment options to meet your specific agenda.

Whether you are planning for a deposit for a new home, a dream wedding, a bursary for your children’s third level education, or simply for a rainy day, we can help.

Our experts can provide you with all the help and guidance you need.

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    Investment Advice

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    Elaine Byrne QFA FLIA RPA

    Elaine Byrne QFA FLIA RPA

    Operations Manager of Life and Pensions

    Over the past 30 years Elaine has worked in all areas of financial services including underwriting, pension planning, self-directed pensions, retirement planning, savings and investments, including property investment. 

    Elaine is passionate about each and every one of her clients and she prides herself on giving them the best advice suited to their particular needs. In addition to advising clients’ Elaine will also be responsible for the day to day management of the life and pensions division at ERM.

    01 845 8658

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