Group Personal Accident Insurance

Safeguard your business from accidents on the job.

Group personal accident insurance offers financial protection for your business in the unfortunate event of an injury or death that occurs on the job.

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Group Personal Accident Insurance

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if a key member of staff suffered a serious injury and was unable to work? 

Group personal accident insurance is designed to provide a tax-free cash payment in the event of the death, disablement, or loss of hearing, sight or speech of an employee in the event of an accident.

You can choose whether to stick with cover for just occupational-accidents or to extend your policy to cover your staff 24 hours a day. Policies can also be extended to cover business travel and personal travel for the directors and their families.

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    Some of the benefits of group personal accident insurance include:

    Control of Funds

    You decide where the money goes, giving you the freedom to give it to the injured party or their family, or to use it internally to hire temporary staff.

    Choose Who You Cover

    You decide who is covered by your policy. It is available to directors and employees, which includes manual and clerical staff.

    Deter Claims

    An accident insurance policy is a valuable benefit to staff, showing them you care and can help deter employers’ liability claims.

    Instant Financial Relief

    Provides instant financial relief for the injured person, often during a particularly difficult time.

    No Need For Legal Liability

    Legal liability does not need to be established in order to make a claim on a group accident insurance policy.

    Quick & Easy To Set Up

    No long forms, no medical examinations and generally inexpensive.

    Group Personal Accident Insurance - ERM Financial Services

    What does Group personal accident insurance cover?

    Personal accident insurance covers costs related to temporary or permanent injuries, even when accidents are not work-related.

      This means, if an insured person sustains an injury while playing sport and is unable to work for more than two weeks, you will be provided with a weekly payment until they can return. We’ll also help with the cost of rehabilitation.

      If someone loses their hearing or the use of a limb, this type of cover pays a lump sum to ease the pressure. In such a scenario, we’ll also help with recruitment costs, so you can keep interruption to a minimum.

      Some types of work – such as building, carpentry or hairdressing – may no longer be an option following certain injuries. If you or a member of staff needs to retrain in a new line of work, personal accident cover can also help to fund this.

      What’s included in your personal accident cover?

      There are several types of personal accident cover, each with slightly different provisions.

      Group personal accident insurance is suited to covering entire management teams, while individual packages are built with small business owners and sole traders in mind. A typical policy will cover you if:


      An insured person dies or is permanently disabled as a result of an accident, whether it occurs at work or not.


      An insured person suffers an injury that leaves them temporarily disabled and unable to work.


      An insured person requires retraining to start a new career as a result of permanent injuries.


      An insured person incurs medical expenses.


      There are funeral expenses, including the cost to repatriate an insured person.

      Don’t worry, we’ll help identify the policies you need based on your specific situation.

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