Business Interruption Insurance Ireland

Protection that gets you back to business as usual.

If the worst should happen, business interruption insurance can keep your business up and running and get you back to where you were before any disruption.

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Business Interruption Insurance Ireland

Business interruption insurance provides cover for any loss of income incurred as a result of damage to insured property or an unexpected incident which means that the business cannot operate as normal.

The right business interruption policy aims to restore your business to the position it was in prior to the loss, whilst also providing you with the funds to continue business as usual – paying wages, bills and maintaining profits.

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    Business interruption insurance can be vital to keeping an organisation running, providing:

    All Risks Damage

    including fire, malicious damage, storm, flood, escape of water, and theft.

    Gross Profit Protection

    for a set period, depending on your risk profile.

    R&D Expenditure

    Tailored policies are available to cover third-party costs, including grants and previous projects.

    Optional Non-Damage Extensions

    Loss of utilities and prevention of access are available as an extension of business interruption cover.

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    Business Interruption Insurance Ireland

    How does business interruption insurance work?

    The material damage cover portion of your policy first acts to rebuild or replace any lost or damaged property. While property repairs or replacements are being carried out, the policy then covers your reduced income during this period, as well as the time taken to regain any business lost as a result of the damage.

    How is the amount insured calculated?


    Basis of losses

    As your insurance broker, we work with you to calculate the sums insured based on on either a loss of gross profit or loss of revenue basis.


    Loss of revenue

    Loss of revenue calculations are generally used by service industries (accountants, estate agents solicitors) as there is no cost of product to deduct so income is based on gross profit alone.


    Loss of gross profit

    Loss of gross profit is normally used by companies that sell a product and has a cost associated with this (shops, factories, and wholesalers).


    Income and trends

    Following a claim, loss adjustors calculate the sum insured by looking at your income and trends prior to the loss, and compare this with the loss during the period the business is interrupted (‘the indemnity period’).



    ICOW covers additional costs your business incurs for the sole purpose of preventing or limiting a loss in turnover following an insured event (e.g. finding another premises, storage, temporary staff).



    AICOW covers any increased costs of working ‘in addition’ to the gross profit or revenue sums insured. AICOW is not subject to the ‘economic limit’ test.

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