Products Liability Insurance Ireland

Protection against faulty product claims.

Products liability insurance covers you for compensation costs and legal fees for claims of personal injury or damage caused by one of your products.

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Products Liability Insurance

Usually sold as part of a business liability package, products liability insurance protects your business in the event of claims due to injury or damage as a result of a faulty product.

If your business is involved in any of the following, then you should consider products liability insurance:

  • Manufacturing goods within Ireland.
  • Importing products from other countries.
  • Designing products which are manufactured by a third party.
  • Selling products to consumers within Ireland.
  • Distributing products within Ireland on behalf of another company.

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    Products Liability Insurance

    What is covered?

    Products liability insurance provides cover for claims arising from products that your business has designed, imported, manufactured, distributed, or sold, such as:

    Faulty products

    Faulty products causing damage or injury (e.g., product catches fire and causes damage).

    Food safety

    Cases of food poisoning caused by unintentional non-compliance with food safety standards.

    Inadequate building materials

    Providing building materials of insufficient strength which causes a building to collapse.

    The costs that are covered include:

    Compensation & legal costs

    Compensation and legal costs in relation to injury to persons and damage to material property.

    Financial loss

    Financial losses incurred by the individual or business because of your product.

    Product recall

    Costs associated with a product recall including storage, notifying customers, and arranging the recall.

    Products Liability Insurance - ERM Financial Services

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    What type of businesses need products liability insurance?



    Who harvest and sell raw materials.



    Who fabricate products from raw materials and/or from components made by other manufacturers.



    Who bridge the gap between producer/manufacturer and retailer.



    Who sell manufactured items or fresh produce to the consumer.



    Who transport materials and products.


    Restorers and maintenance

    Restorers and maintenance providers – who alter, repair, or adapt products.

    Don’t worry, we’ll help identify the policies you need based on your specific situation.

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