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Structural warranties

Latent Defect Insurance

Latent defect insurance (structural warranty) is a policy that protects against defects in new buildings for a period of usually 10 to 12 years after completion.

A structural warranty gives you the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong with a newly constructed property, you are covered for the potentially high costs of repair or rebuilding.

Comprehensive Cover For New Properties

It provides you with comprehensive protection for any mistakes made by inspectors, architects or contractors, as well as faulty materials or unforeseen issues with the land that was built.

Nearly all banks and mortgage providers require latent defect insurance as a condition of releasing funds on a new property, so if you want or need to sell the properties that you build, you will need this type of cover.

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    Structural warranty

    What is latent defect insurance?

    Latent defect insurance, also known as a structural warranty, protects against defects in new buildings. Whilst policies are usually purchased by developers before construction begins, it’s there to protect the homeowner from structural damage that may occur within 10 to 12 years after it has been completed. Latent defect insurance transfers automatically from owner to owner within the term of the cover.

    A structural warranty insurance policy can vary according to your needs but can include:

    Deposit Protection

    Protecting against the loss of deposits should the contractor become insolvent.

    Defects Insurance

    Usually provided for 2 years which can include non-structural damage.

    Structural Insurance

    The remaining 8 to 10 years of cover for structural issues.

    Building Control

    Surveys for building control are combined with structural warranty inspections to save time and hassle.

    What is a structural defect?

    A structural defect is a fault in a new building that could be caused by design failures, poor workmanship or low-quality materials used during the build. Defects may only become apparent several months or even years after the completion date. Structural defects cause physical damage to a property and can include problems with the load-bearing foundations or walls, structural cracks, roof coverings or other major issues.

    Fixing structural defects can be highly expensive so it’s important that property developers, builders and self-builders take out protection.

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    Structural Warranty

    Who needs a latent defect insurance policy?

    If you are building a new home to sell, either on completion or sometime after, you will most likely need structural warranty cover as it’s typically a requirement from mortgage providers when lending for the purpose of buying a newly built home.

    This applies to any type of property you are developing that involves major structural work, including:

    • Commercial and residential buildings
    • New builds and renovations
    • Conversions, extensions and refurbishments
    • Permitted developments
    • Private rental sector and social housing
    • Student accommodation
    • Retrospective

    There are a range of structural warranty providers who can supply varying levels of cover depending on your needs.

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