Property Portfolio Insurance Ireland

Specialist protection for property portfolios.

Property portfolio insurance is specially designed for landlords with a portfolio of properties who need a professional insurance partner that truly understands your business.

Established in 1993.

Over 100 years' experience.

10 dedicated team members.

Over 1,000 Irish customers served.

Property Portfolio Insurance

After years spent building up your business and managing a succession of hurdles to ensure you bring your tenants exceptional service levels and quality properties – you need a professional insurance partner who understands your business and can streamline your cover.

This is one of our specialities at ERM Financial Services, offering you:

  • One policy to cover all of your of properties, commercial & residential.
  • Comprehensive cover for your entire portfolio.
  • A dedicated account manager to streamline the process.
  • Trusted advice you know you can rely on.
  • Access to a large panel of apartment block insurers in Ireland & the UK.
  • Cover for all sizes & building values.

Our team is on hand to find you the best cover and the most competitive quotes, so get in touch today.

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    In addition to the standard landlord insurance, our property portfolio insurance typically covers:

    All Risks

    All risks’ material loss or damage to buildings and/or contents.

    Students/ Housing Benefit Tenants

    The ability to include occupation by students and housing benefit tenants.

    Costs Covered

    Cover for costs of rehousing tenants following damage to a property.

    Loss of Rent

    Loss of rent cover following insured damage to a property.

    Property Owners' Liability

    Property Owners’ Liability cover up to €6,500,000.

    Employers' Liability

    Employers’ Liability cover up to €13,000,000 for cleaners, gardeners, caretakers, maintenance persons etc.

    Property Portfolio Insurance - ERM Financial Services

    Property Portfolio Insurance

    Unoccupied Commercial Property Insurance

    Unoccupied commercial property insurance covers insurance for vacant properties and properties undergoing renovations.

    An unoccupied commercial property policy is often more difficult to arrange as insurers are reluctant to provide cover for vacant properties.

    As a result, premiums can often be significantly higher in comparison to a premises that is occupied and when you check the small print you may find that cover is restrictive.

    If you have commercial or residential properties where un-occupancy is an issue, it makes sense to seek professional advice and guidance on how to protect your assets correctly, this is where we can help.

    Property Portfolio Insurance

    Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance

    Unoccupied property insurance is a specific policy that can be used by residential property owners or landlords when their property is not occupied.

    While some standard policies will offer minimal protection, most standard insurance products will not provide an adequate level of cover in these instances.

    We can provide unoccupied residential property insurance that gives you adequate cover and can include:

    • Cover for long-term unoccupied properties.
    • Wider levels of cover than standard unoccupied insurance.
    • Low policy excesses.
    • Policies with 3, 6, 9 or 12 months’ cover.

    Non-standard risks can vary significantly, and it is important you have the appropriate covers in place:

    Property Portfolio Insurance 1 - ERM Financial Services

    Property Owners Liability

    Covers costs or damages awarded to a third party for injury or damage sustained on, or related to, your property.

    Property Damage

    Cover for property damage, including damage caused by fire, flood, storm, escape of water and subsidence.

    Contents Insurance

    Cover for the damage or theft of contents within your vacant properties.

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