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Employers Liability Insurance In Ireland

In Ireland, if you employ one or more members of staff, it is highly recommended that you have employers’ liability in place to protect you and your business against any loss that may arise out of work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses.

This applies whether you have 1 employee or 100; whether they are paid or volunteers, working full-time or part time. Everyone who employs someone should have employers liability insurance in place as a safeguard for their business.

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    Employers Liability Insurance Ireland

    What does employers’ liability insurance cover?

    Employers’ liability policies cover claims made against your company in the event of an accident, injury or illness sustained by your staff at work or as a result of work.

    Accidents happen – even in companies that provide training and have rigorous health and safety protocols in place. And while accidents might not be your fault, as an employer you may face considerable costs of settling and defending any claims that arise.

    Employers’ liability cover ensures that if a case should go to court, you are covered for any legal costs and compensation you may have to pay, up to your policy limit.

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    What is employers’ liability insurance?

    As an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work.

    If an employee suffers an injury or falls ill as a result of working for your business, you could be held liable.

    The situation could be as simple as an injury caused by slipping on a wet floor, or an employee contracting an illness because of work-related factors that you were unaware of.

    Employers’ liability insurance covers you against the cost of compensation claims in the event of an accident, injury or work-related illness.

    Business owners can also face claims from people who have stopped working for you. Having an employers’ liability insurance policy protects your business against such situations.

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