Intellectual Property Insurance Ireland

Safeguard your business against IP infringement.

If your intellectual property is central to how you do business, it’s time to discover how to protect it from a wide assortment of risks.

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Intellectual Property Insurance Ireland

Whether you work in life sciences, software development or manufacturing, there’s a good chance that your business will one day find itself defending claims of intellectual property, copyright or patent infringement.

Intellectual property insurance provides cover for the costs of these claims and loss of profits associated with the loss of IP rights.

With average patent lawsuits easily exceeding €1,000,000 per side, having the appropriate insurance in place could well be one of your most important assets, mitigating this significant financial risk.

IP protection allows you to defend your business efficiently and preserve its finances and reputation without unnecessarily affecting the bottom line – so your business can continue to operate while the claim is resolved.

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    With limits up to €13 million available – and no unnecessary exclusions – you’ll have complete peace of mind that your core assets are protected.


    Avoid the need to tie up cash to defend against allegations of IP infringement.

    Hold Value

    Avoid diminished value in your IP portfolio.

    Avoid Re-Engineering

     Avoid hefty re-engineering costs to ensure non-infringement.

    Protect Your Patents

    Provides you with the wherewithal to pursue a third party who has infringed on your patent.

    Protect Your Suppliers

    Indemnify a customer which receives a lawsuit for selling your product.

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    Intellectual Property Insurance Ireland

    What does IP insurance typically include?

    Defence is the standard feature.

    This covers legal defence fees and expenses if you inadvertently infringe someone else’s IP (e.g: plagiarism). A good IP solicitor may cost upwards of €500 per hour, and developments in communications technology mean that your infringement may be more easily identified.

    IP cover also typically includes:

    All Intellectual Property

    Expert Legal Assistance

    Defence Costs

    Payment Of Damages

    Contractual Indemnities & ‘Hold Harmless’ Undertakings

    Loss of IP Right

    Loss Mitigation Measures

    Counter-Claims Cover

    Product Recall

    Loss of Profit

    Investigation Costs

    Reputation Management

    Other features of this cover can include:

    Pursuit Costs

    This covers your legal expenses for pursuing people who infringe your own IP. It’s a “fighting fund” and is a separate purchase that can be added to your insurance portfolio.


    This covers the costs of pursuing or defending a case in which an existing IP exploitation agreement starts to go wrong.

    Don’t worry, we’ll help identify the policies you need based on your specific situation.

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