Advice on Cyber Insurance

In today’s world were most of our data, most importantly your company or client data is stored on mobile or other electronic devices and as such a data breach or loss could cause serious financial or reputational damage to your business it be becoming necessary for all types of businesses to have some form of Cyber Insurance.

Cyber Insurance can protect against a wide range of first and third party losses.

This includes cover for regulatory proceedings, data breach liability, fines and penalties (if insurable by law), and losses from business interruption, plus cyber extortion and other financial cybercrimes.

In addition most cyber insurance policies also give you access to specialist professional advice and teams to assist you pre and post claim in order to ensure your business and reputation is protected from a loss.

We will consider all cyber risks from across a wide range of industries and our wide range of insurance providers offer a broad appetite and flexible approach to cyber underwriting.


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