Choosing The Right Insurance Broker For Small Businesses

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Insurance

When it comes to finding the right insurance broker for small businesses, several key criteria should be ticked off the list. Thankfully, business owners can stop their search with ERM Financial Services.

We understand the unique challenges faced by local enterprises as they attempt to remain relevant in a highly competitive environment. We are also more than aware that these small businesses are the heartbeat of the Irish economy, with the driving forces at the helm taking on financial and personal risk to make their professional dreams a reality. To achieve this, it’s crucial to choose the right insurance broker who will offer tailored insurance solutions that go beyond standard coverage.

As a trusted partner in securing the financial future of SMEs across Ireland, we pride ourselves on doing just this. We also deliver more than just insurance; we provide peace of mind so that small business owners can focus on the success and growth of their companies.


6 reasons to choose us as your insurance broker for small businesses


There are numerous reasons why we are the perfect match for small business owners seeking personalised insurance solutions. Here are our top six:


Reason 1: Tailored insurance solutions for every business


We get that one size doesn’t fit all in the business world. That’s why our insurance solutions are unique to each business.

We specialise in tailoring policies to suit the specific needs of diverse small businesses, across a wide range of sectors, from life sciences, construction and hospitality, to property and motor and transport. Our deep understanding of vast and varied business models allows us to craft a personalised safety net that protects countless businesses from industry-specific risks.


Reason 2: Expert local knowledge and personalised service


With a finger on the pulse of the Irish market, our local expertise has enabled us to source insurance solutions for thousands of businesses over the past 30 years. We don’t treat our clients as “just a file”; we build a relationship with each business owner we work with and this enables us to personalise each policy effectively.


Reason 3: Comprehensive coverage for all business risks


We pride ourselves on ensuring that each small business we work on behalf of is covered from every angle. Our comprehensive coverage goes beyond the basics, offering a wide array of options to specifically suit the requirements of each industry and the needs of each individual.

Whether it’s property, liability, cyber or business interruption insurance – or pretty much anything else in between – we ensure you’re shielded from every conceivable risk.


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Reason 4: Simplified processes and efficient claim handling


After 30 years in business, we feel that we’ve mastered the art of hassle-free insurance. Our processes are like a well-oiled machine – simple, efficient and tailored for busy business owners.

This level of experience and familiarity makes managing policies a breeze, and when the unexpected happens, we handle claims with lightning-fast speed. Our claim settlement is not just a process; it’s a sprint to get you back on track ASAP.


Reason 5: Proactive risk management and valuable advice


When it comes to our small business clients, we like to become strategic partners who help them to stay ahead of the game. Beyond policies, we offer proactive risk management advice that keeps businesses secure and thriving.

At ERM Financial Services, we don’t wait for risks to come knocking – we anticipate them. Our approach is all about staying ahead of the curve, identifying emerging risks, and ensuring our clients are well informed and prepared.


Reason 6: Strong focus on long-term business growth and stability


Our strategic insurance planning isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal – it’s like a roadmap that supports the growth and stability of a small business. Key to this is ensuring our insurance solutions scale and flex as each of our clients’ businesses evolve.

We aren’t just a provider of insurance; we’re your partner in the journey, offering ongoing support that goes beyond policies.


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ERM Financial Services – your insurance broker for small businesses in Ireland


With many insurance providers to choose from in Ireland, small business owners may be asking themselves why they should partner with ERM Financial Services. The core reason we are your go-to insurance broker is that we tailor protection that fits like a glove, covering everything your unique venture needs. Think comprehensive coverage, think scalability – that’s what you get with us.

If you’re ready to get on board with hassle-free commercial insurance that evolves with your business, it’s time to contact us for a personalised consultation and to start the conversation about securing your business’s future.