Impartial advice on Pensions and Retirement


Impartial advice on Pensions and Retirement Planning

The earlier you start a pension, the easier it is to build up your fund which will allow you enjoy a comfortable retirement. The first step is to estimate what your monthly pension savings should be in order to help secure the future you want.

At ERM Financial Services, our approach to pension plans has been developed to help you understand what is required in order to provide you with a reasonable living standard when you hit retirement age.

Our experts will clearly provide information on planning your retirement, calculating pension plans and comparing different types of pensions.

We will guide you through the options which may suit as between Executive Pension Plans, Personal Pension Plans or Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSA’s). Your attitude to investment risk also will need to be analysed, bearing in mind that you will already be receiving tax relief at your marginal rate of tax within Revenue Limits on premiums paid into the plan. Also, the growth on the fund is tax free. This is what makes investing into a Pension Plan as a shrewd investment decision a “no-brainer”

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