Advice on Public & Employers Liability Insurance

Public and employer’s liability insurance could cover you if anything happens to staff or customers on your premises.

Why do you need public and employers’ liability cover?

Public liability insurance is essential for any business, because it covers expensive claims made against you if third parties are injured by your work.

For example, if a passer-by is hurt or their property is damaged by your work tools.

You may also be legally required to get employers’ liability cover if you employ:
• Permanent and temporary paid staff
• Contracted, casual or seasonal staff
• Labour-only subcontractors
• Interns or apprentices
• Volunteers
Work experience placements

How does cover work?
• Public liability insurance covers injury, illness and death of third parties, or damage to their property. It only covers claims where you are at fault, like not keeping your business premises tidy, which causes a customer to trip over.
• Employers’ liability insurance covers injury, illness and the death of your employees while they are at work. You are legally required to have at least £5 million worth of cover if you have paid or voluntary staff working for you.

While you can get separate cover for public and employers’ liability, it is usually cheaper to get a combined policy.

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